Obviously not writing

18 04 2010

So I started this blog without knowing that I’d be moving across the country suddenly.

The dude has been offered a dream job and I am excited to leave a city that I never felt that passionate about. Actually I’d say this is the first place since my birth place that I’ve lived in only because it seemed like I had to or it was the appropriate thing to do. Staying here for love and for an experiment in stability has been an easy choice (especially for these two years after I moved away for a while and discovered what was most important to me – and thus, came back).

This new move will be a rushed one (per usual for me) but for him, it will be the first move he’s made in a decade. I, on the other hand, have never lived any single place for a decade. So the rushed factor pushes us to focus almost entirely on the move. He’ll be on the road at the end of May and I’ll finish out my job and start traveling in June.

I apologize if anyone is reading this blog and hoping to see actual posts. Soon – soon!


Health Care Reformed!

22 03 2010

Breaking news before going to sleep tonight – Health Care reform has passed in the U.S. Congress

More later on what this really means – it’s lengthy and there have been many negotiations – I can hardly wait to hear more tomorrow.

Yay for us :)